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Poll: One in six doctors admits to making diagnostic errors daily

When we go to an Ohio physician with a medical issue, we expect them to properly diagnose our condition, order the right tests and recommend the best possible course of treatment. If we choose to consent to the treatment, the physician and other medical professionals are responsible for administering the treatment in accordance with the applicable standard of care.

Misdiagnosis is a common form of medical malpractice

We often hear about medical negligence claims stemming from mistakes made during surgery or throughout the course of treatment of a patient. However, many medical malpractice claims stem from the diagnosis of the patient's condition. Misdiagnosis of a patient's condition, or failure to diagnose a patient, can lead to improper care and eventually result in medical complications or death. In many cases involving misdiagnosis, a physician may ignore the severity of a patient's symptoms and send them home without treatment. This delay in treatment may cause the patient additional harm.

Establishing fault in medical malpractice claims

We trust doctors and nurses to adhere to applicable standards of care when treating us and our loved ones. Unfortunately, some medical professionals are negligent when treating patients, and that negligence results in catastrophic injury or death. Patients can hold doctors and nurses responsible for their negligence by filing a medical malpractice claim against them.

Guiding you through a medical malpractice action

Going to the doctor may seem like a routine activity. When one gets ill or is injured, medical professionals are relied on. But what happens when the care of a doctor is what is causing a patient pain or their current ailment? It can be difficult to ascertain at first, but when a medical mistake is made, such as a diagnostic error, a patient could suffer significantly. A delayed or missed diagnosis could mean worsened conditions or new medical problems. It also means added medical bills.

Considering a recent study on medical errors

When we fall ill or suffer an injury, we are likely to seek out help and assistance from medical professionals. Whether it is something minor or a severe medical condition, patients trust doctors and nurses to diagnose their ailments, care for them and treat their conditions. While this is common for many patients, some unfortunately suffer harms because a medical professional failed to properly diagnose a patient or administer their medication.

Wrong site, procedure and patient surgery

Patients who underwent wrong-site surgery, an incorrect procedure or a procedure intended for another patient may face terrifying and catastrophic consequences. This medical malpractice is known as wrong-site, wrong procedure, wrong patient errors. These WSPEs are defined as never events that should never take place and reveal serious safety issues.

Medical record confidentiality threatened

Ohio medical negligence is not limited to surgical error or misdiagnosis. Although laws, such as the Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA), are intended to protect patient information, there have been concerns over health care workers looking through medical records for curiosity instead of legitimate care. This has prompted medical malpractice lawsuits in states.

Malfunctioning medical device information being suppressed

Physician negligence may cause a surgical or other fatal medical error. Malfunctioning medical devices can also play a large role in medical malpractice. However, a recent report shows that the US Food and Drug Administration grants exemptions allowing them to file reports on faulty equipment in a database that is hidden from doctors and researchers.

Supreme Court may allow lawsuits against military

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering an appeal that may have an impact on military families in Ohio and across the country. The Court is considering whether it will review the 68-year-old legal doctrine that protects the Department of Defense from medical malpractice lawsuits.


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