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Accident victims can recover damages for catastrophic injuries

While some accident victims suffer minor injuries that heal quickly, many accident victims face catastrophic injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Catastrophic injuries often involve damage to the brain or spinal cord, which could put victims in a coma or result in permanent disability. In addition to dealing with the emotional trauma and physical pain, victims and their families may find it difficult to come up with the money to pay for the countless medical procedures, hospital stays and hours of rehabilitation.

Brain injuries may require long-term rehabilitation

Just about any kind of accident, from car accidents to slip-and-falls at the grocery store, can result in severe injuries. Many accident victims in Beachwood suffer catastrophic injuries, including injuries to the brain. A traumatic brain injury may require months to years of rehabilitation, and some injuries may be permanent in nature.

Ohio woman recovers $3M in slip-and-fall lawsuit

Property and business owners generally have a legal obligation to take reasonable actions to ensure that invitees are not hurt while on their property. This may include conducting reasonable inspections of the property, posting warning signs to warn of a hazardous condition on the property, and fixing hazardous conditions.

Post-concussion syndrome and TBI

Decades ago, young Ohio residents who chose to play contact sports may not have been given as stringent of protective gear as children are provided with now when they sign up for football, baseball, and even soccer. That is because medical research has shined a terrifying light on the devastation that concussions and other traumatic brain injuries can impose on those who suffer them. Brain injuries have been linked to progressive diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disorder that has claimed the lives of many professional football players.

Rehabilitation and the loss of empathy after a TBI

Much like the term implies, accidents can simply be just that, an accident. However, in some cases, a person is severely injured because of the negligence of another. Whether it is in an automobile crash, workplace accident, or medical mishap, an individual can suffer significant trauma. One of the most severe types of harm these individuals can face is a brain injury. Trauma to the head can interfere with one's cognitive abilities, making it challenging to maintain one's normal life, and the costs associated with treating and living with such an injury can be devastating.

Loss of companionship can be compensable after certain injuries

Getting the news that a loved one has suffered an accident in which they were seriously injured is many people's worst nightmare. Medical care is the best it's ever been, but there are no guarantees that someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury will ever fully recover. That's why it's good to think ahead and to discover whether a loved one's injury is due to another's negligence.

Catastrophic injuries jump at trampoline parks

Trampoline parks have surged in popularity and became a billion-dollar industry with hundreds of children bouncing and playing tag at these parks every weekend. But at least six people reportedly died in fatal injuries over the last seven years and others have suffered catastrophic injuries in accidents at these parks.


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