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Driving without distractions: How to avoid them

Cleveland area drivers must remain alert when they are in the driver’s seat. They need to be able to spot hazards, make split-second decisions and use the right driving behaviors to avoid them. When they become distracted, they may never see the vehicle in front, or at least not in time to hit the brakes. These types of crashes often cause life-threatening injuries, such as fractures, internal hemorrhaging, brain damage and spinal cord trauma. There is also a higher risk of death. 

Everyday causes of catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury is one that results in extreme and usually permanent damage and changes your life. It entails expensive medical bills, a long recovery and an accommodation of your lifestyle to work around your disability. Going back to work is unlikely, or, at best, you may require a significant career change. Examples of these injuries are amputations, major burns, brain damage and loss of vision.

How lack of supervision can cause serious injuries and death

Many people in the Cleveland area rely on nursing homes to provide safe and nurturing environments for their elderly relatives. Most of them are not aware of the dangers that some nursing homes pose to their residents. Besides the risk of abuse and mistreatment, some residents are in danger of suffering serious and life-changing injuries and dying from a lack of supervision and neglect

Life care plans after catastrophic injuries

A serious accident and resulting injury can disrupt your entire life, potentially leaving you unable to drive, work, exercise or otherwise enjoy life the way you used to. Some catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, amputations and traumatic brain injuries, can leave you in need of constant supervision and a lifetime of expensive medical care.

2 serious motorcycle accident injuries to be aware of

If you have never experienced a motorcycle accident in the Beechwood area before, you may not realize just how serious the injuries can be. Not all falls and collisions lead to minor scrapes and bruises. Many motorcycle accidents end with riders and their passengers sustaining serious and catastrophic injuries. Some people who suffer critical injuries die from complications. 

Suing for wrongful death in Ohio

If you have experienced the death of a loved one in the wake of an accident, suing may not be the first thing on your mind. Even during this difficult time, it is important to understand the legal options before you, including the possibility of a wrongful death action.

How prescription errors can change your life

If you rely on medication to stay healthy, you are not alone. Many people in Ohio rely on their health care providers for prescriptions to improve their health so they can feel and act normal. Some of them do not realize that all it takes is one prescription mistake for their lives to be changed forever. These errors can occur at any time, from the start of the prescribing process to when you receive and use them. Without proper intervention, prescription errors can lead to severe injury and death. 


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