Accident victims may experience memory loss after an accident

Many Ohio car accident victims suffer head or brain injuries that can affect the rest of their lives, even with extensive medical treatment. Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes result in amnesia, or the loss of memory.

While people suffering from amnesia will generally be aware of who they are, they may be unable to recall past memories or retain new information, depending on the type of amnesia they have and the severity. Generally, those suffering from retrograde amnesia will lose their existing memories. The most recent memories will be affected before memories formed many years ago. Accident victims with damage to the hippocampus may suffer from anterograde amnesia, or an inability to create new memories. This can be temporary, but it can also be permanent.

It can be difficult to determine whether an accident victim with catastrophic injuries is suffering from memory loss. However, there are certain symptoms victims and their families can look for. For example, if the victim struggles to process information, focus, organize their thoughts, they be experiencing memory loss and possibly be suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Mild head trauma can result in temporary amnesia that will go away over time. However, a more serious head injury may cause amnesia that will last for a long time. A physician may refer you to an occupational therapist to help you improve your memory and teach you techniques that will help you in the future.

If you are suffering from amnesia or another brain injury after an accident, you may be able to recover damages to help cover your medical expenses. A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim against the negligent person responsible for your injuries.

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