What constitutes nursing home neglect?

| Jul 11, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Ohio residents who fear that their loved ones may be suffering from nursing home neglect should seek legal assistance. Attorneys who work in this field can advise their clients on how to deal with this serious and unfortunately common issue.

Nursing home neglect can look very different in different cases. For some, neglect may arise from inadequate staffing in a facility. When there are too few workers to serve the needs of residents, individuals may not receive baths when they need them, medical services when they are required, or attention when emergencies arise.

In some cases, neglect of a nursing home facility may result in the neglect of its residents. For example, a building that suffers from leaks, drafts, or other structural issues may present hazards to the health and safety of those who live there. By virtue of the care of their home, nursing home residents may suffer declining health, discomfort, and other negative effects.

Neglect of nursing home residents can also be deliberate. A facility may wrongly deny residents food, clothing, or proper medical care. They may ignore patient plans, disregard medical directives, or fail to properly supervise individuals who require assistance and support. In some cases, nursing home neglect may constitute abuse, and individuals who are neglected or abused have enforceable rights to protect their own interests. Depending on the circumstances of a case, a civil claim may be relevant to a victim’s situation and needs. If you have questions, you should contact an attorney to discuss your case.