What are catastrophic injuries?

When it comes to personal injury claims in the Greater Cleveland area, there are generally two types of injuries plaintiffs/victims can sue for: regular and catastrophic. Most personal injury cases involve accident victims who are dealing with minor to moderate trauma that often resolves over time. However, not all accident victims are as fortunate. There are those who lose their lives or suffer grievous injuries that permanently prevent them from living the way they were able to before their accidents. 

Catastrophic injuries not only affect the victims, but they also have a detrimental impact on the lives of their families. Fortunately, individuals who sustain catastrophic injuries due to another’s negligence or carelessness may file to receive compensation for their pain, suffering and other associated damages. Here is a brief overview of what classifies as catastrophic trauma

Physical catastrophic injury 

Car accidents, workplace incidents and other dangerous situations can lead to serious injuries that damage the bodies of victims. Common types of serious injuries that classify as catastrophic include limb amputations, multiple fractures, serious burns, organ damage and severe trauma to any tissue or organ system that irrevocably alters the original appearance and function of the human body, resulting in disability and mobility issues. 

Cognitive catastrophic injury 

When accidents happen, victims can sustain severe damage to their brain and spinal cord that causes a loss of cognitive performance. Blows to the head and unnatural, forceful movements of the head, neck and spine can lead to traumatic brain injuries that negatively impact the victim’s ability to speak, think, remember and process information. 

Accident victims can initially suffer from both types of catastrophic trauma or they may suffer from physical or cognitive trauma that progresses to include a combination of both types. The loss of physical and mental function is not easy for their loved ones to manage. Their families often make personal and financial sacrifices to provide the level of around-the-clock care necessary to meet the standard of care and ongoing support they need.

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