Rehabilitation and the loss of empathy after a TBI

Much like the term implies, accidents can simply be just that, an accident. However, in some cases, a person is severely injured because of the negligence of another. Whether it is in an automobile crash, workplace accident, or medical mishap, an individual can suffer significant trauma. One of the most severe types of harm these individuals can face is a brain injury. Trauma to the head can interfere with one's cognitive abilities, making it challenging to maintain one's normal life, and the costs associated with treating and living with such an injury can be devastating.

A traumatic brain injury can impact a victim's physical capabilities in a wide range of ways. For example, depending on the type of brain injury and its severity, one could suffer temporary or permanent impairments. Researchers found that many individuals with a TBI often lose empathy. This means that the individual cannot determine when another is feeling sad or anxious, and because there is a lack of recognition, he or she is unable to provide a comforting response for them.

While this emotional impairment can be disruptive to a person's life, there are ways to address it. Rehabilitative tools can help with emotional recognition. Overtime, these tools can help those suffering from a TBI to better respond empathically to loved ones. Although these treatments are considered to be rather successful, it can take time to improve a person's loss of empathy after a TBI.

A serious injury, such as a TBI, can be life-altering. It can require one to undergo a wide range of medical treatments and rehabilitation, forcing one to also take time from work and their life to recover as fully as possible from a catastrophic injury. In these maters, a personal injury action could be very beneficial. Such a civil action not only seeks to hold a negligent party accountable for the accident that caused the injury, but it can also help the injured victim recover compensation for their losses.

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