Loss of companionship can be compensable after certain injuries

Getting the news that a loved one has suffered an accident in which they were seriously injured is many people's worst nightmare. Medical care is the best it's ever been, but there are no guarantees that someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury will ever fully recover. That's why it's good to think ahead and to discover whether a loved one's injury is due to another's negligence.

A catastrophic injury can manifest in many ways, but one of the most serious can be due to traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury can happen in a car accident, work accident or in error in a medical malpractice claim. Of course, there are other incidents that can result in traumatic brain injuries and there are other catastrophic injuries a person can sustain beyond damage to the brain and spinal cord.

At Hoffman Legal Group LLC, we understand how life-changing a traumatic brain injury or other catastrophic injury can be for the injured and their family. Beyond the loss of abilities, like loss of companionship the injury sufferer may experience, it can also mean a loss in ability to earn wages or to otherwise care for the family like the injured once could. Seeking a personal injury suit is only natural in instances where negligence is known or suspected.

While a traumatic brain injury may have changed yours or your loved one's lives forever, there are ways to make this transition easier. Financial support in the form of damages can help to pay for things like medical care and everyday expenses that were otherwise paid due to loss of wages. If the court deems that punitive damages are appropriate, these damages are in addition to any actual damages and are meant to be a punishment for those deemed negligent.

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