Catastrophic injuries jump at trampoline parks

| Apr 10, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries

Trampoline parks have surged in popularity and became a billion-dollar industry with hundreds of children bouncing and playing tag at these parks every weekend. But at least six people reportedly died in fatal injuries over the last seven years and others have suffered catastrophic injuries in accidents at these parks.

The injury rate may be even higher because many injured plaintiffs had to participate in arbitration and sign confidentiality agreements that prevent them from discussing their injuries, according to CBS News. The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that emergency room visits from trampoline park injuries rose dramatically from 2,500 in 2013 to almost 18,000 in 2017.

Members of the gymnastic community refer to these amusements as death parks, according to an expert. That expert, who testified in over 200 personal injury cases, claimed that potentially life-altering injuries included broken necks and backs and dislocated and open-fractured elbows and shoulders.

He blames the parks’ dangers on design. Steel cables or chain links, covered only by thin padding, connect trampolines. At one Chicago park, for example, there was also a lack of supervision and trampolines were placed closely against thinly-padded walls.

People generate waves of energy when they jump which causes double bounces and high-impact collisions. Jumpers suffer crush injuries because they are moving at speeds and energy when they collide with a person who may be twice their weight.

Negligence victims may need to seek compensation for medical expenses and other losses from their injuries. An attorney can assert this right and help hold parties responsible.