Camp sued for boy’s drowning

| Jan 10, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Summer camps are traditionally a welcomed adventure for youngsters. However, their activities and location may also pose dangers. The family of a 12-year-old has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a camp in Lakeville, Ohio for the boy’s fatal drowning last year.

Their son was taking part in a four-day residential basketball program for middle-school boys, according to their lawsuit. He drowned in the camp’s lake on July 25. Lifeguards were on duty when he drowned, according to officials.

The victim was apparently taking a swim test when he drowned. He received permission to take the test and jumped into the camp’s lake. Lifeguards saw him go into the water but did not see him surface, according to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. They went to rescue him when did not come back to the surface.

First-responders were called to the camp. Divers recovered his body at 5:23 pm.

His parents filed the lawsuit in the Summit County Common Pleas Court on Dec. 26 against the camp’s owners and six of its employees. They charged that the defendants’ negligent, reckless, intentional and malicious conduct was responsible for their son’s death and requested a jury trial.

The parents suffered much mental torment, pain and suffering from the defendants’ actions, according to their charges. They are seeking over $50,000 in damages, punitive damages in an unspecified amount and any further relief that the court would consider just and fair. Their attorney said that the investigation into this death will continue and that they intend to hold all responsible parties liable.

Families who suffer the loss of a loved one may be entitled to compensation and damages from negligent parties. An attorney can help investigate the case and timely file a lawsuit.