Holiday activities that can lead to catastrophic injuries

The holidays should be a joyous time of celebrations with loved ones. Of course, family drama, grief over those who have passed on and stress can make the season less enjoyable.

However, some aspects of the holidays can be downright dangerous. As you prepare for the season and enjoy the festivities, be careful so that you do not sustain a catastrophic injury from one of these common activities.

Traveling on the road

Many people are on the road before and after holidays to travel to and from their destinations, and much of this driving happens at night or during the dark. Add in snowy and icy road conditions and it is no wonder that many major accidents occur.


Decorating does not seem like much of a harmful activity, and most accidents that do occur result in minor injuries. However, sometimes decorations are the cause of severe bodily damage:

  • Putting up and taking down lights come with a high risk of falls, which can lead to TBIs or a broken spine or neck.
  • Christmas trees, lights and candles are responsible for many household fires. Christmas tree fires more often result in death than do other home fires, reveals the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Decorations that fall can crush those below or strike them on the head.

 Remember not to burn your wrapping paper in the fireplace, as it can produce a flash fire. The sudden intense heat can burn you significantly.

Using household equipment

Electric shock and electrocution are also common, often from using small appliances, says the Electrical Safety Foundation International. These items tend to be in use more due to the increase in cooking and DIY projects. Household equipment of all types can lead to fires and burns, including space heaters, curling irons and, of course, fireplaces.

Often, accidents happen because people do not follow safety precautions. In other cases, defects in products or electrical wiring are responsible.

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