Surgical mistakes are a common form of medical malpractice

Ohio residents undergo surgical procedures for a number of reasons. While some are subjected to operations in order to save them from life-threatening conditions, others have elective surgeries to fix issues that they perceive in their own bodies. All surgeries introduce serious risks into the lives of those who endure them and it is an unfortunate fact that many surgical mistakes happen to Americans each and every year.

Surgical mistakes take on many forms. For example, one common type of surgical mistake is a wrong-site error. A wrong-site error happens when a doctor performs the correct surgery on a patient but does the surgery on the wrong part of the patient's body. This may occur, for example, if a patient was to have a knee replacement done on their right leg, but the doctor performed the surgery on the patient's left leg.

Another common form of surgical mistake is the wrong operation error. A wrong operation error is exactly what it sounds like: a doctor performs the wrong surgery on their patient. This may happen if a doctor is slated to do multiple surgeries on different patients in a single day and is confused as to which patient they have on the table when they begin the operation.

Surgical mistakes can be costly and painful to those who are forced to endure them. They can leave victims with pain, suffering and recoveries that they should never have had to experience. When a surgical mistake leaves a patient in a worse state than they were in before their operation, that medical malpractice victim may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney about their possible legal claims.

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