Driving without distractions: How to avoid them

| Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

Cleveland area drivers must remain alert when they are in the driver’s seat. They need to be able to spot hazards, make split-second decisions and use the right driving behaviors to avoid them. When they become distracted, they may never see the vehicle in front, or at least not in time to hit the brakes. These types of crashes often cause life-threatening injuries, such as fractures, internal hemorrhaging, brain damage and spinal cord trauma. There is also a higher risk of death. 

Distractions are anything that takes a driver’s eyes and attention off the road; they are not limited to cellphone use. Eating, grooming, GPS navigation devices, vehicle infotainment systems, pets and passengers are some of the many distractions that cause motorists to crash. Here are some suggestions to help motorists avoid distractions and motor vehicle collisions. 

How to avoid distractions to improve road safety 

Drivers must be consciously aware of nearby motorists to be capable of making good driving decisions and preventing the errors that lead to distracted driving accidents. Unfortunately, many motorists have habits that keep them from being fully aware of traffic conditions, thus increasing the risk of car accidents and fatalities. The following actions can help motorists avoid common distractions and collisions: 

  • Turning off the cellphone
  • Informing passengers of dangerously distracting behaviors
  • Properly restraining pets
  • Using appropriate child car seats
  • Completing grooming before getting in the vehicle
  • Setting all radio and GPS functions and adjusting mirrors and seats in advance
  • Leading by example for young drivers 

Distracted motor vehicle accidents are preventable when motorists take their driving privileges seriously to make the roads safer. When crashes do happen, accident victims who are fortunate enough to survive often face long recoveries. Because distracted driving is so dangerous, law enforcement agencies across the country are ramping up their efforts to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities caused by distracted drivers.