Everyday causes of catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury is one that results in extreme and usually permanent damage and changes your life. It entails expensive medical bills, a long recovery and an accommodation of your lifestyle to work around your disability. Going back to work is unlikely, or, at best, you may require a significant career change. Examples of these injuries are amputations, major burns, brain damage and loss of vision.

How does such a devastating injury happen? While many occur in dangerous occupations, such as construction, many others come from everyday activities anyone can engage in. Knowing what these dangers are can help you recognize if you have a personal injury case, so you can receive the financial compensation necessary to pay for all the changes to your health and life.

Car accidents

Severe car crashes are a common cause of total bodily harm, from multiple fractures to organ damage to TBI. These are also the likeliest cause for most people, as driving is a daily activity for almost everyone.

Birth trauma

Giving birth can go from a beautiful moment to a catastrophic event when you are not under proper medical care. Doctors can make serious mistakes or not take action at all when necessary, leading to your baby developing a preventable condition, such as cerebral palsy. These circumstances can also harm the mother. In fact, the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of all developed countries.

Medical malpractice

Medical negligence is not just relevant to labor and delivery. Any health care patient can suffer from the mistakes, negligence or outright illegal behavior of providers. What should be a safe place of healing can turn into the source of a catastrophic injury.

Recreational activities

Is your child in contact sports or other dangerous physical activities, such as gymnastics or horseback riding? Was the recreational vehicle you were using defective? When safety becomes compromised, the very least you deserve is the financial means to pay for the consequences.

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