How lack of supervision can cause serious injuries and death

Many people in the Cleveland area rely on nursing homes to provide safe and nurturing environments for their elderly relatives. Most of them are not aware of the dangers that some nursing homes pose to their residents. Besides the risk of abuse and mistreatment, some residents are in danger of suffering serious and life-changing injuries and dying from a lack of supervision and neglect

If you are looking for a suitable nursing home for your parent, keep in mind there are many factors that can affect the safety of the elderly, including improper supervision. Here is an example of how dangerous inadequate supervision can be for nursing home residents. 

Supervision enables your relative to maintain a normal life 

Your relative is in good health. However, he or she often forgets to take medication several times a day. Your loved one also requires assistance getting in and out of the bed, shower/tub and using the stairs. The nursing home staff must provide supervision to ensure your relative takes his or her medicine as required and to keep him or her from falling and getting hurt. 

The first few months go by without incident. Your relative was receiving the care he or she needed. All of a sudden, after some changes to the staff, your loved one is experiencing cognitive issues and has fractured his or her hip in several places. You learn the caregiver often leaves your loved one unattended. No one was present to assist your relative when he or she fell and injured his or her hip. 

The dangers of insufficient supervision 

Improper supervision puts nursing home residents at risk of pain and suffering from accidents and injuries that do not need to happen. It also keeps residents from receiving the basic necessities they need, which compromises their health and overall well-being. Causes of poor supervision often include inadequate training, screening, long work hours and improper patient-to-caregiver ratios. 

If you are no longer capable of caring for your senior parent and managing your life, you might find yourself shopping for a reputable nursing care facility. While choosing the right nursing home may seem like a time-consuming process, being thorough is one of the best ways for you to protect your loved one from nursing home abuse and neglect

If you believe your relative has suffered grievous injury from not receiving the supervision he or she requires in the nursing home, consider speaking to an attorney for guidance on the matter.

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