2 serious motorcycle accident injuries to be aware of

If you have never experienced a motorcycle accident in the Beechwood area before, you may not realize just how serious the injuries can be. Not all falls and collisions lead to minor scrapes and bruises. Many motorcycle accidents end with riders and their passengers sustaining serious and catastrophic injuries. Some people who suffer critical injuries die from complications. 

It is important for you to understand that it is impossible to predict the severity of any motor vehicle collision you may get into. You should not assume that all accidents will lead to you being able to walk away from them. There is always the possibility that a motorcycle crash can render you severely injured, disabled and completely dependent on others for your care. 

Bone fractures 

One common injury you could end up with is a fractured arm, leg or hand. Minor fractures are essentially the same as broken bones. Compound fractures are much more severe and usually result in bone fragments puncturing the skin and organs. The risk of complications from compound bone fractures is high. Victims often need to undergo surgery and other invasive medical treatments and rehabilitation. They also require ongoing care and support from their loved ones. 


Physical injuries are not the only ones you should be aware of. Motorcycle accidents can cause victims to experience psychological changes that affect their mental health. The minor effects can cause you to feel anxious and apprehensive about getting back on your bike. The more severe effects can cause you to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD can severely cripple you mentally and interfere with your ability to function and live your life. If you end up with the condition while you are healing from catastrophic physical injuries, you could have a more challenging time recovering. 

No matter how safe of a rider you normally are, do not discount the impact a motorcycle crash can have on your health and life. You should consider creating a contingency plan that can help you deal with any challenges you may encounter in a motorcycle accident.

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