How prescription errors can change your life

If you rely on medication to stay healthy, you are not alone. Many people in Ohio rely on their health care providers for prescriptions to improve their health so they can feel and act normal. Some of them do not realize that all it takes is one prescription mistake for their lives to be changed forever. These errors can occur at any time, from the start of the prescribing process to when you receive and use them. Without proper intervention, prescription errors can lead to severe injury and death. 

Take some time to learn how prescription mistakes can impact your life. 

Adverse drug reactions 

Taking the wrong medication can lead to health issues and complications, especially if you are taking multiple prescriptions. It is not uncommon for some people to take several different medications at the same time to manage their health. But when they take medications that cause adverse reactions to others, they may experience aggravated symptoms that can lead to distress, suffering and even death. Common reasons for adverse reactions to occur are allergies, excessively high dosages, and wrong diagnoses and medications. Some individuals who experience extreme reactions after taking the wrong prescription or dosage end up requiring life-long medical treatment. 

Legal ramifications 

Sometimes drug reactions can cause people to act as if they are intoxicated. They may become drowsy, have slurred speech and balance issues. They may also suffer from impaired judgement. Some of these same individuals may operate machinery and motor vehicles, increasing the risk of injury and fatality to others besides themselves and risk apprehension and criminal charges from law enforcement. 

Not all medication errors lead to serious and deadly reactions. Some people end up suffering mild side effects that may require medical care. Many other people experience serious side effects that severely alter their quality of life, such as changes in their mental state, appetite and health. 

Prescription errors are preventable. Although you trust your doctor and pharmacist to give you the correct medications, you should question them to prevent mistakes. Inquire about the reasons for the prescriptions and dosages you are given. Make sure you inform them of your allergies and any side effects you experience. If you have concerns or questions regarding your care, make them known to get them resolved.

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