How long does one have to file a medical malpractice claim?

Most people in Ohio would prefer not to have to go to medical professionals. Usually when people need to go to them, it means that they are either sick or injured. However, they are also necessary, in many cases, to ensure that the person will recover from these injuries and illnesses. That is also exactly what people expect when they go to these medical professionals.

Sometimes these medical professionals make mistakes though and a person suffers even worse injuries after going to see them. Other times a doctor may misdiagnose something and the actual problem becomes worse as a result of it. When these things occur the person may suffer more economic damages as well since they will most likely require even more medical attention and care after seeing the doctor. These people may be entitled to compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

These must be filed within a certain time though otherwise the victim may lose the ability to receive this compensation. The general rule is that the claim must be filed within one year of the act or omission by the medical professional, but there are exceptions. Once the claim is filed the person still needs to prove their claim. Filing it simply starts the process. Ultimately, the person must prove that a medical professional's negligence caused the additional problems.

People in Ohio see medical professionals every day. Sometimes it is for routine check-ups or preventative procedures, but most of the time it is because they are either ill or injured. They expect to start getting better after seeing the doctor, but sometimes things get worse afterward due to the negligence of medical professionals. People may be entitled to compensation for these injuries, but generally must file a claim within one year of the act or omission. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these can be and could guide one through the process.

Source:, "2305.113 Medical malpractice actions," accessed on May 29, 2017

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