Dangers of falls in nursing homes in Ohio

| Jun 9, 2017 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

As people grow older in Ohio, they realize that their bodies do not function as well they did when they were younger. Also, sometimes people develop diseases and other illnesses and eventually they may need assistance doing things that were part of their daily routine. Family and friends may be able to help out, but eventually it may become too difficult for them to continue providing daily care. In these situations, many people end up putting their loved ones in a nursing home.

When people put their loved ones in nursing homes, they expect that they will receive the proper care they need and be safe overall. However, sometimes accidents happen in nursing homes. One of the most common types of accidents is falls. Almost half of all residents in long-term care, such as a nursing home, will fall while they are there. Approximately one-third of all the people who fall will be injured as well. Sometimes these injuries will be severe as well such as head injuries, broken bones and dislocated joints.

Falls are caused by a number of reasons. Some are caused because of the person’s weakened muscles, but many other falls are due to the fault of the nursing home neglect. Common problems are wet floors, poor lighting, improper bed height, improper fitting or maintenance of wheel chairs and other issues which should have been prevented. There are steps that nursing homes can take to educate their employees and try to prevent these falls from occurring, but not all nursing home employees follow the procedures and people are injured as a result.

As stated above many people fall while in Ohio nursing homes. These falls can cause severe injuries and also cost the victim financially in medical bills and other costs. These victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though if the fall was caused by the negligence of nursing homes and their employees. Experienced attorneys understand the problems that these falls cause the victims and may be a useful resource.

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