Required medical supervision at nursing homes

One guarantee in life is that people in Ohio will always be growing older. No one can stop time or the issues that can come with old age. People's bodies will eventually wear down and may develop various physical and mental diseases along the way. Caring for people in this type of situation is a full-time job and loved ones sometimes must put their relatives in nursing homes so they can receive the care that they need.

People expect that their loved ones will actually receive that care as well. They expect that medical issues that arise with their loved ones will be dealt with properly, but there is nursing home neglect. To help prevent this each nursing home is required to have a medical director on staff.

The medical director is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the medical needs of the residents are being met. They must meet with nurses and other personnel to discuss the needs of the residents and ensure there is the proper staff to meet the needs. They must also review incident and safety reports and take appropriate actions to ensure the nursing home is safe and sanitary.

Another requirement for nursing homes is that each resident must have a physician. The physician must evaluate the resident in-person at least three times in the first 90 days the resident is at the nursing home and then at least every 60 days. The physician must write a progress report after each visit about the resident's condition to make sure all medical plans are current for the resident.

Many people in Ohio have loved ones in nursing homes. Many people put loved ones in the homes because they cannot provide the care they require. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes follow the requirements or are negligent in how they follow them. Accidents may result and residents may be injured as a result. The victims of these accidents may be entitled to compensation for these injuries though. Experienced attorneys understand how these injuries affect the residents in nursing homes and may be a useful resource.

Source: Ohio Department of Health, "Ohio Administrative CodeRule No. 3701-17-13" accessed on May 1, 2017

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