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Government orders more weekend nursing home inspections

Measures to assure the safety of nursing home residents may have had the weekend off. In order to lower the hospitalization of residents, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that it will increase weekend inspections of nursing homes by state survey agencies reviewing the quality of care and resident safety. The CMS undertook this action after Congressional concerns were expressed over nursing home neglect and abuse.

The CMS notified states that it will use payroll-based staffing information to identify nursing homes with reduced staffing on weekends. It will require agencies to raise their off-hour surveys of staffing levels from 10 to 50 percent.

Distracted driving increases crash severity

The dangers of texting and driving and other distractions is well-documented. This reckless behavior increases the risk of wrongful death in Ohio car crashes and throughout the United States. The severity of injuries in these crashes also depends on road design, according to a recent study by the Risk Institute of Ohio State University.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving caused nine percent of all fatal crashes in this country in 2016. This study was issued a day after an allegedly distracted motorist hit a group of bicyclists in Florida and caused one fatality and six injuries. Advocates criticize the federal government and the telecommunications industry of doing little to address this problem.

Jury issues $636,000 medical malpractice verdict

On average, Stark County has 50 medical negligence lawsuits filed each year with many of these being settled and dismissed before trial. However, after a one-week trial, a jury recently issued a $636,000 medical malpractice verdict in favor of a 79-year old man and against his treating physician for injuries suffered.

The patient was a nursing home resident after a stroke left him partially paralyzed and with substantial weakness on his left side. Even though he was wheel-chair bound, he could lift himself out of his wheelchair with help.

The high percentage of catastrophic injuries in cheerleading

Cheerleading injury categories include spinal cord contusions, paralysis, severe head trauma, skull fractures, permanent brain injury and death. Of all high school catastrophic injuries to female athletics, over 50 percent occur during cheerleading.

A 17-year study by The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury found that cheerleading was the cause of 65 percent of catastrophic injuries for all high school age female athletes and resulted in 78 percent of all catastrophic injuries to college female athletes. Only football ranks higher than cheerleading in high school athletics danger.

Wrongful death lawsuit involving firetruck settled

First responders are expected to save lives. In one wrongful death case, however, the city of Columbus settled a lawsuit against a firefighter who drove a fire truck through an intersection and caused the death of an 86-year-old driver back in November of 2013.

Speeding to beat federal trucking rule may be deadly

Federal trucking regulations are designed to protect motorists. Ironically and unfortunately, however, truckers trying to make up lost time from new rules requiring rest breaks may be speeding and causing deadly truck accidents.

Public calls for better truck safety

Worsening negative trends have raised concerns about truck safety. According to a survey released by Road Safe America, the public is calling for better safety measures to combat truck accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released troubling statistics underlying this survey. New data indicates that 4,761 people lost their lives in truck crashes in this country last year. According to the NHTSA, this was a 41 percent increase from the historical low reported in 2009.

Opioid prescriptions cited in malpractice lawsuits

The national opioid crisis is now in the courtroom. Medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits were filed for the deaths of three patients after they received prescriptions from two Cleveland Clinic physicians.

One patient suffered from years of chronic physical pain from his truck driving job and two motorcycle accidents when he was younger. He took oxycodone, hydrocodone and Xanax prescribed by his Clinic doctor, according to the lawsuit. His family was concerned about his confusion, moodiness and lack of sociability. His wife shared these concerns and asked his doctor to cut the dosage, but the physician's notes indicate that he did not make this change.

Roadways are safer, but truck accident fatality rise concerning

With Ohio being centrally located in the United States, trucks that are hauling goods back and forth will be a common sight on state roadways. For people who encounter these large vehicles, it can be concerning. A truck accident leaves little margin for error, and their size and the speeds at which they travel can increase the chances of a serious accident that results in injuries and fatalities. Research is useful when understanding the risk of a collision and its aftermath. One study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) validates concerns related to fatal truck crashes, as they are shown to be on the rise despite an overall improvement in roadway safety.

According to the NHTSA, there was a 1.8 percent reduction in U.S. highway fatalities in 2017. This came after there were two straight years in which there were significant increases. The reduction has continued for the first half of 2018. What is problematic is that large trucks showed a nine percent rise in fatal accidents in 2017 when compared to 2016. Fatal crashes with tractor-trailer combinations were up by nearly six percent. Straight trucks saw a rise of 18.7 percent.

Holiday activities that can lead to catastrophic injuries

The holidays should be a joyous time of celebrations with loved ones. Of course, family drama, grief over those who have passed on and stress can make the season less enjoyable.

However, some aspects of the holidays can be downright dangerous. As you prepare for the season and enjoy the festivities, be careful so that you do not sustain a catastrophic injury from one of these common activities.


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