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Government focuses on impaired truck driving

The increased use of mood- or mind-altering drugs has also been seen on Ohio highways. The increased risk of car and truck accidents by impaired drivers has led the National transportation Safety Board to list ending alcohol and drug-impaired driving on its annual most wanted list of transportation safety improvements.

This problem has become more complicated through the legalization of marijuana in several states. The national opioid crisis has also expanded the Department of Transportation's drug testing panel for its regulated industries. The chemical makeup of illicit designer drugs is being rapidly altered to evade detection and regulation.

Excessive pain medication cited for at least 28 patient deaths

In tragic examples of major medical malpractice, the president and CEO of a Columbus, Ohio, hospital admitted that one of its physicians was responsible for lethal dosages of drugs that were administered to 28 patients. Several wrongful death lawsuits have been filed.

At least 34 near-death patients were prescribed excessive dosages of pain medication at Mount Carmel hospital while being treated by this doctor. Twenty-eight patient were administered large and potentially deadly doses of medication. Six patients received excessive dosages that exceeded the amount needed for providing comfort but were not believed to have been fatal.

Things to know about wrongful death lawsuits

Families who suffer the loss of a loved one may seek financial justice if the death was caused by another person's behavior. A wrongful death action is the legal avenue for seeking compensation and damages. Plaintiffs, however, should be aware of some basic information about this legal cause of action.

These lawsuits require proof that the deceased person lost their life because of another person's negligence, recklessness or intentional actions and not by the victim's action or inaction. The victim's family must also demonstrate that they suffered measurable damage from that death.

Bedrails may cause nursing home injuries

Any injury in an Ohio nursing home can cause serious injury or even death to elderly residents. One seemingly unexpected source of these injuries are bedrails that are used extensively on nursing home beds. Failure to assure the safety of these devices may constitute nursing home neglect and abuse.

Bed rails are typically metal rails that hang on the side of beds to keep residents from getting out of bed, or to prevent injury by stopping them from rolling off the bed when they sleep. These devices may also be a support mechanism for patients trying to adjust their bodies, or help them get in and out of bed.

Wrongful death lawsuit against fire department appealed

Unfortunately, rescues can turn deadly. In 2016, a bystander was struck and killed by a firetruck going in reverse after rescuing the occupants of a capsized boat. Her husband recently filed an appeal of the dismissal of their wrongful death lawsuit.

The Green Springs Rural Volunteer Fire Department responded to reports of a capsized boat at the Beaver Creek Reservoir in Adams Township on June 28, 2016. The victim was walking along an embankment trail around the reservoir when the truck arrived.

Camp sued for boy's drowning

Summer camps are traditionally a welcomed adventure for youngsters. However, their activities and location may also pose dangers. The family of a 12-year-old has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a camp in Lakeville, Ohio for the boy's fatal drowning last year.

Their son was taking part in a four-day residential basketball program for middle-school boys, according to their lawsuit. He drowned in the camp's lake on July 25. Lifeguards were on duty when he drowned, according to officials.

Supreme Court may allow lawsuits against military

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering an appeal that may have an impact on military families in Ohio and across the country. The Court is considering whether it will review the 68-year-old legal doctrine that protects the Department of Defense from medical malpractice lawsuits.

The lawsuit was filed against the DOD following the death of an active-duty navy lieutenant commander. She died four hours after childbirth in 2014 at the Naval Hospital Bremerton, Washington where she served as a labor and delivery nurse.

Medical records sometimes afflicted with errors

Advances in medical science and technology has not eliminated errors. There is a large volume of medical records containing mistakes that can cause medical malpractice. Almost one in ten people who have online access to their medical records requested corrections, according to Office of National Coordinator for Heath Information Technology estimates. In the worst cases, an incorrect diagnosis or laboratory or scan result in a record can cause inappropriate evaluation or treatment or the administration of unwarranted and potentially dangerous drugs.

Omissions from records have serious consequences. Failure to document allergies, unrecorded laboratory results, unlisted medications or unrecorded family can lead to misdiagnosis or allow a condition to worsen. For example, failure to document laboratory findings of cancer can allow it to metastasize.

Bus stop death raises safety concerns

In Ohio, pedestrian fatalities experienced a five-year increase from 88 in 2013 to 145 in 2017. The traffic death of a 72-year-old pedestrian who was waiting for a bus on December 9 in Miami Township reveals that more needs to be done to protect pedestrians from wrongful death.

The victim was waiting for a Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority bus when a pick-up truck struck him around 6:15 pm. His vehicle drove off the right berm and crashed into the victim while he was waiting at the bus stop, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson.

Catastrophic school bus fatalities

How safe is a child using school bus transportation? Millions of children across the country ride on school buses, the largest transportation system in the U.S.

Each year, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services counts how many illegal bus passing incidents occur on a designated day. For 2018, 38 states participated. A total of 83,944 illegal school bus passing incidents took place in a single day. Each bus had stopped entirely, with flashing red lights engaged and the stop arm fully extended.


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