Ohio’s nursing homes rank 34th across the country, report finds

A new report gave Ohio’s nursing homes a “D” grade.

When our parents or grandparents are no longer able to safely live independently, there are times when we must make the difficult decision to move them into a nursing home. In such cases, we rely on the nursing home staff to provide the best possible care and ensure our loved ones are taken care of properly.

According to a new report - issued by Families for Better Care - residents in Ohio's nursing homes may not be receiving the best care possible. The report gave the state's nursing homes a "D" grade, ranking Ohio 34th in the nation when it comes to nursing home care.

The report graded nursing homes in every state based on a variety of factors, including staffing levels, reported deficiencies and health inspections.

Ohio fared particularly poorly when it came to both direct care and professional nurse staffing levels.

In all, only 32.5 percent of Ohio's nursing homes have above average staffing levels of professional nurses. In addition, only 42 percent have above average staffing levels for direct care staff. In both categories, Ohio's nursing homes received an "F." Ohio ranked 46th and 48th across the country in those categories respectively.

As a result of the low staffing levels, Ohio nursing home residents receive an average of only 2.3 hours of assistance from a direct care staff member each day. In addition, they receive only 1.6 hours of care from a professional nurse on a daily basis.

When nursing homes do not staff appropriate levels of workers, residents are more likely to suffer from neglect. Neglecting a nursing home resident can have serious consequences, including the development of bed sores or dehydration.

Seek legal counsel when you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect

According to The Columbus Dispatch, one year of care in an Ohio nursing home costs an average of approximately $64,000. The last thing you want to discover when paying significant expenses for the care of your loved one is that the nursing home fell short of providing acceptable care.

If you believe that your loved one has been mistreated in a nursing home in Ohio, you need to take prompt action to protect their interests. In such situations, it is wise to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options. A legal professional will take action on your behalf to make certain your loved one receives the compensation to which he or she may be entitled.

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