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Two young people killed in fatal car crash

Losing loved ones is never easy for people in Ohio. These individuals provide so much love and support to people as they go through their daily lives and filling the void is never easy. However, it can be a little easier when people have time to prepare for the loved one's death. When people die of old age, many times the family knows it is coming and can prepare for the loss. Others die young and unexpectedly though, leaving the family no time to prepare, which can be even more devastating.

What damages can be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit?

If you lost a loved one because of gross negligence or the wrongful act of another person, there will be many things on your mind besides financial compensation. However, as the grief subsides a bit and your thinking becomes clearer, you will begin to ponder the changes caused by this death.

There are many fatal car accidents in Ohio each year

One of the unfortunate guarantees in life is that all people in Ohio will pass away at some point in time. How and when people pass away varies though. Some people will live long and full lives and die peacefully at an old age. However, some will die young and unexpectedly in fatal accidents. Anytime people lose loved ones it is difficult, but losing loved ones unexpectedly while they still had many more years to live can be especially devastating.

Are Ohio lawmakers going to take a tougher approach to distracted driving?

For those unfamiliar with the law concerning distracted driving here in Ohio, namely texting while driving, it classifies this conduct as a secondary offense for adult drivers. This means that law enforcement can only issue a citation after having pulled someone over for a primary offense like speeding.


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