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Spinal cord injuries can completely change the victim's life

The spinal cord is vital to one's daily life. Without it the brain's messages to the body will not get to the desired location. So, if the spinal cord is injured the messages will not be received by the various body parts and the function will not occur. For example, if the brain tells a leg to move, but the message does not get there it will not move. This is why these catastrophic injuries cause paralysis and prohibit people from controlling certain body parts.

How traumatic brain injuries can change one's life

People in Ohio suffer many different types of injuries throughout their lives. Most injuries provide some level of discomfort and can make doing some things more difficult than usual. However, most injuries heal at some point in time and the person is able to go back to their normal life. This is not always the situation though. Sometimes the person will suffer long-term or permanent catastrophic injuries that will completely change their lives.


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