Cleveland Product Liability Attorneys

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Product liability refers to the liability a manufacturer, supplier, retailer, or other provider of a product or service may have for injuries or damage caused by such product or service. Every year, thousands of preventable deaths, injuries and instances of property damage occur due to defective products
There are two major types of defective products, those with design flaws, and those that are improperly manufactured.

A design defect takes place when a manufacturer utilizes a faulty engineering process to design a product that turns out to be unnecessarily dangerous. In such case, all of the products emanating from the manufacturer’s assembly line tend to have the same defect.

A manufacturing defect takes place when the product is not made as designed. The design may be fine, but the manner in which the product was assembled is flawed. The problem may affect only some of the products that roll off the line.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, death or property damage due to a defective product call the Hoffman Legal Group